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March 11, 2021 3 min read

Most people tend to underestimate jumping rope as an exercise. When in fact, jumping rope is one of the workouts to try for both beginners and professionals!

Other than being a fun activity and sport, jumping rope works as a great addition to your workout with all the benefits you can gain from it.

Admittedly, your overall health improves significantly through jumping rope. It’s also a convenient exercise to do at home, since it only requires a jump rope rather than big heavy equipment, with lots of rope variants available for professionals and beginners alike.

From weight to strength, here are the following health benefits you can get from jumping rope:

Burning Calories

As a cardio exercise, jumping rope works well to lose weight because you of how much calories you burn from it. Approximately 10 calories can be burned per minute, which means you can burn an average of 200 calories per day and 1,000 calories per week.

Compared to other cardio exercises, jumping rope burns you more calories because most of your muscles are at work.

Jumping rope tests your cardiovascular capabilities, wherein your body would need to burn more fuel to produce more energy. Through this, more calories are therefore burned.

Improving Coordination and Concentration

Jumping rope takes a lot of practice with coordination and concentration to get right. It requires your body parts to match up with each other in order to complete a single movement.

Your jump should be in time with the moment your wrists rotate to be able to create continuous jumps.

Studies have proven jumping rope to be effective in improving motor coordination among autistic children, as well as motor skills in athletes.

Increasing Stamina Levels

At first, your body may quickly get tired when you jump rope for long periods of time. However, your body adjusts to it when you do this regularly.

The more you jump rope, the more your body gets used it because your stamina levels increase. Consistently practicing this will enable you to increase workout intensity and do more work.

Boosting stamina levels also means you are less likely to experience fatigue.

Better Heart Health

Jumping rope plays a great role in improving your cardiovascular system and heart’s health. The activity increases the maximum amount of oxygen you use during a workout, therefore increasing your cardiovascular endurance as well.

The effects this brings reduces the risk of heart related diseases.

Strengthens Bones

Your bones also strengthen overall with the help of jumping rope. When you have higher bone density, the risk for bone-related illnesses like osteoporosis is reduced.

What makes jumping rope effective in strengthening the bones is impact training, wherein the body responds to the impact put onto the bones by making them stronger.

Jumping Rope as a Usual Routine

You can incorporate jump rope into your routine bit by bit. This starts by finding the right type of jump rope to use.

Some of the choices available are the following:

  1. Basic ropes which are versatile and easy to work with, especially for beginners. The Georgina Jump Rope is an option that allows you to adjust length and comes with heavy duty cable to avoid tangling.
  2. Weighted ropes are best for learning new techniques and tricks because the rotation is more controlled. A good rope choice is the Charlotte Jump Rope, which is just the right weight for various exercises.
  3. Speed ropes are the lightest option of rope available. This type of rope allows you to make quicker rotations for higher intensity workouts. The Sydney Jump Rope comes with tight grips to give you a better control on the rope’s pace.

Once you pick the right rope, you can easily add it to your routine by a few seconds or minutes. The better you get, the more you can change up this routine through trying new techniques and increasing time.