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March 11, 2021 2 min read

We know jumping rope as a common and versatile exercise that improves our overall body strength and conditions you before a workout. But people often question how effective jumping rope can be as a part of your usual routine.

Jumping rope as a part of your routine comes with its own benefits which varies between different types. Two of the types available are the speed rope and the weighted rope.

Both of these ropes give you similar benefits. What sets them apart is what they’re best used for. We exercise for varying reasons -which is the basis for what equipment we use and our routines.

Jumping Rope as an Exercise

You can easily reach the recommended physical activity levels through jumping rope, as well as maintain your weight. This is because jumping rope is a cardio exercise -which is one of the best ways to burn calories.

Incorporating jumping rope to your regular session is a great step as a beginner. There are certain jump ropes that work best for starters too! By doing so, you can condition your body to recover quicker and more efficiently.

Jump rope exercises can increase in intensity depending on how much cardio you need. But to truly bring out the effectiveness of these exercises, you will need to pick the most suitable jump rope for it.

The Speed Rope

The main purpose of a speed jump rope is to increase the speed of the rope’s rotation. This type of rope comes with a number of features to fulfill this.

One of the features are shorter light-weighted handles -which allows room for tighter grip therefore giving you better control of the rope’s speed. Because it aims to increase speed, you can expect a speed rope to cut on weight as much as it can!

A speed rope you can check out is the Sydney Jump Rope, with a total weight of 200 grams making it a good lightweight rope option.

The Weighted Rope

Another type of rope used for exercises is the weighted jump rope -which is best used for beginners. The weighted rope has more resistance to help increase rotation time allowing you to get better reaction time and room for learning tricks.

Their handles are rather longer and larger compared to the speed rope. The perk from having a longer handle is gaining more control of wrist activity.

Having more weight, this type of jump rope works best if you’re looking to engage your muscles more with the workout. With weighted ropes like the new Charlotte Jump Rope, you get a good weight to start with without risking the intensity of the workout.

The Bottomline

Choosing which type of jump rope to use will mostly depend on what you intend to use it for, whether to practice in faster speeds or for increasing the intensity of a cardio workout.

Regardless, both speed rope and weighted rope are good options to pick between -especially because they offer the same benefits despite having different focuses.