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March 11, 2021 2 min read

Best Jump Ropes for Beginners

A good cardio exercise, and even a sport, that comes with compact equipment is jumping rope. Over the years, it has grown in popularity for being a fun activity with great benefits.

Like every new addition your usual routine, it’s important to pick out the best equipment for your case. Finding the right equipment as a beginner can take some time -especially because you would have to look through what’s available, different types and features, and consider what you want to achieve.

Each type of rope varies in main focus. There are variations made to burn calories at a quicker speed while others make the exercise more intense. The key to getting the best jump rope as a beginner is to know exactly what your goal is.

The Basic Rope

You can’t go wrong with a basic jump rope! Starting jump rope as an exercise with a basic rope makes it easier to work your way up to other types as you improve your routine.

Basic ropes are rather versatile compared to other variants because they can be used differently. They often have the features that are enough to give you sufficient exercise.

The Georgina Jump Rope comes with features such as an anti-slip covering band and easy wire length adjustment to make jumping rope catered to your abilities easier. You’re likely to get used to the exercise with ease when you use this jump rope.

The Speed Rope

Another type of rope that works for starters is the speed rope. These ropes weigh less than regular ropes to easily increase the speed levels.

It’s important to get a speed rope that gives you a tighter grip because the rope itself is lighter. The Sydney Jump Rope is a good option when it comes to finding a rope with this feature, weighing a total of 200g. The rope has a self locking feature and is adjustable as well!

Compared to the other ropes, it takes a bit more to get used to the lightweight feeling of the speed rope. However, with good handle grips, you can easily control how fast the rope goes.

Jumping Rope for Beginners

Unlike other cardio exercises, jumping rope is relatively easy to start doing. This exercise also gives you the ability to control the intensity of the workout -which is definitely good for beginners!

Through different factors such as speed and technique, the workout can vary depending on what you’re capable of doing. This versatility is what makes it one of the consistent workouts for both starters and professional athletes.

The equipment used for this is also convenient to bring around, since you would only be needing the jump rope itself. Because of this, finding the right rope to use is important -especially because it can affect how effective the workout may be for you.

Regardless of whether you choose a normal jump rope or a speed rope, the exercise still provides you the same benefits; the main difference relies on how you choose to achieve them.